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Breakthrough Ideas and Technology

Performs live, immediate forensic analysis and incident response on files on disk and processes running in memory – so you can dramatically shorten your company’s exposure during an incident. Complete your response in the time it takes other products to finish copying data—while maintaining forensic-grade traceability.

CyFIR Enterprise’s parallel architecture allows you to search all of your organization’s desktops and servers at the same time. CyFIR can search across hundreds or even thousands of endpoints worldwide in seconds, dramatically reducing the time it takes to investigate an incident or find responsive files. Don’t let concurrent connection limitations slow down your workflow.

CyFIR’s advanced Threat Monitoring capability finds unknown processes across your organization through continual monitoring of your endpoints and—unlike alert-only tools—provides you with the tools you need to investigate and remediate those threats.

CyFIR’s Smart Agents support Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Desktops and Servers and many Point of Sale terminals—in both physical and virtual environments. No other enterprise incident response and forensic analysis platform covers the breadth of systems that CyFIR offers.